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Microsoft and Yahoo Deal to Battle Google Search: MicroHooOoo! August 1, 2009

Microsoft Yahoo Search DealSo what’s all this nonsense about Microsoft and Yahoo joining forces? Haven’t we heard this before? Well, yes. But this time Microsoft and Yahoo have come together; and we don’t just mean in a meeting that goes nowhere; but they’ve made it official, Yahoo search will now be powered by Microsoft’s Bing.

So, what does the Microsoft Yahoo deal mean for us? Well, for those of us in Ireland…we know that Google is king, especially when it comes to search. According to figures from search engine marketing research carried out for Search Marketing World 2009, 95% of those Irish internet users surveyed use Google. Yahoo came next, followed by Microsoft. Basically, the dominance of Google in Ireland is not going to falter anytime soon; but we must consider the steps Microsoft are taking in order to become a bigger player in the global market.

So first Google becomes king, then Microsoft gets mad, Google gets bigger and better, people start saying “Google it” and Microsoft continues to become an after thought for search.  So Microsoft unveiled Bing; and while we haven’t started saying that we’re going to “bing” anything just yet; it is starting to grow on me.

So the user might not recognise the change; Yahoo will look like Yahoo and Bing will look like Bing. But for those of us running search engine marketing campaigns in other markets, it will be more and more important to consider the gradual adaptation of Bing into the user’s lives, powered by the steps they are taking to improve their offering. Our paid search campaign will be affected a year after the initial changes take place, around 2011.

Danny Sullivan gives us the Microhoo low down over at Search Engine Land, and helps us understand the “why” behind the Microsoft and Yahoo! Deal.  We’ll keep you posted on any changes we see here in Ireland, and in the meantime, if you have any questions…try “binging” it.