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About Emer Lawn July 26, 2009

Emer Lawn comes to the online marketing industry in Ireland from New York, and writes her blogs as a way for followers to remain up to date on news and buzz worthy topics in the industry. Working in Dublin, Ireland since the summer of 2008, Emer is the Social Media Manager for Radical, a full service online marketing agency in Dublin.

Dedicated to understanding the dynamic online market, she is extremely interested in defining the difference between the United States, UK, and Irish markets, specifically with regard to how Irish consumers react to the growing online field.

While her passion lies with Social Media, integrating knowledge and strategies across all online mediums is key…so the blog might also feature search engine marketing, email marketing, display advertising, online public relations, and beyond.

Oh and please forgive her if she drops a mention of her fellow Irish dancers, missing “the city”, or the Donegal GAA.

Note: All opinions shared on the blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the company I work for or any of its clients.