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Facebook to Double Workforce at International HQ in Dublin October 30, 2009

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Facebook HeadQuarters Dublin Just over a year ago, it was announced that Facebook would be launching its international headquarters here in Dublin; and just this week, we found that it’s just a short hop, skip and a jump away from us across the Liffey. Mary Coughlan, Tanáiste and Minister for Enterprise Trade & Employment, was there to bring us all the good word that not only has Facebook now arrived; but that they are planning on doubling the size of their workforce in the coming year.

The original announcement of this news highlights that the Dublin headquarters will be the centre for Facebook’s international operations, providing services ranging from technical, sales and operations support to Facebook’s users (and us, the advertisers!) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In attendance with managing director of Radical, Martin Murray, Facebook treated us to a lovely lunch that went on longer than expected as we awaited the arrival of the Donegal women herself. Looking around the room, there seemed to a large variety of people there, including media agency representatives like ourselves, several journalists, and many representatives from IDA Ireland who were responsible for bring Facebook to the country.

Following the announcement of Facebook bringing more jobs to Ireland (ahem…and making it clear why all Irish brands need to adopt Social Media into their marketing plans); we attended a roundtable discussion with representatives from the marketing and advertising perspective on the future of Facebook and its capabilities.

While there was a lot of insight gathered, the ones that got me most excited had to be those that discussed the possible targeting options were some of the following…
•    Imagine being able to target your Page wall posts to a specific group of your fans. For example, some day we hope to be able to upload a wall post that only our Male fans will see, or perhaps only those fans in Dublin (as opposed to all of Ireland).  Targeted publishing options…so exciting!
•    Soon we’ll see a more sophisticated geographical targeting, so that we don’t have to select “Ireland” and can choose more specific locations in the country, with offers that may only be relevant to people in more local regions.
•    Facebook also mentioned they were hard at work to implement a way where we can see Conversion tracking once users are taken offsite.

Ah there were several more as well, but those wet our appetites for what’s to come with Facebook; and after having set up shop in Ireland, I’m wondering why more Irish brands aren’t embracing it for all that it is.


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