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The Importance of Relevance in Social Media: Ireland Deserves Sun Success September 30, 2009

Reflecting on how I spent my summer months, I discovered that I became even more Irish than I already was; because of my obsession with the weather for the Ireland Deserves Sun campaign for Sandtex exterior paint. As part of the marketing team for the campaign, it was extremely insightful to learn the value of providing not only creative (and sometimes funny) content within social media; but also content that is already relevant…and for the Irish, that means talking about the weather.

While this seems obvious, you’d be surprised to learn just how much faith we have in our ideas; where we almost believe that they are so good that we can make them relevant. This is true in those rare moments where we fall in love with social media once again; but when working on Social media for brands, we must minimise the risk involved and shape our activity around content and ideas that are already buzzworthy, already relevant, and that people will most certainly be talking about.

Hopped over to the company blog and grabbed the snapshot of the Irish social media campaign we were a part of this summer, so you might have a read of it over there, or read a snippet here below:

“…perhaps you’re one of the 10,400 fans on Facebook, one of 290 followers on Twitter or one of close to 700 registered users on the campaign microsite. Most recently, the Irish Independent covered the case study, outlining the reverse of a 40% plunge in sales.

As the campaign was driven primarily by online activity, Radical was responsible for the day to day management of the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles and pages. Additional online elements that helped launch the campaign included Image Ads running in Google’s content network, the distribution of an online press release and an email campaign to further develop the relationship building in social media. The campaign was reactive; with a social media strategy that was dynamically changing to reflect the response of the community.”

child-of-prague-199x300The campaign was a great example of how important developing a social media strategy for your Brand or business is, rather than jumping into communities that we no longer hold control of. Keeping in mind that we will never again have complete control over our brand’s reputation because of online channels, the best thing we can do is steer people in the right direction. And often times means giving people a place to talk about something other than your brand…and once you’ve made them feel comfortable in the community, you can push a commercial brand message. It worked for Sandtex (they saw an 19% increase in sales)!

Ahh, well another summer gone. I guess I’ll be dreaming of days when I’m capable of getting a tan in Ireland; but until then, I probably won’t resist a trip to Spain…!


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  1. […] We’ve applied some of these tools to our campaigns; and have found it difficult to attribute sales directly to social media without the investment from the brand or business. But we have seen that social media works to achieve sales objectives. Consider the 19% increase in sales achieved from the Ireland Deserves Sun case study by Crown Paints. […]

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