Livin' in a Social Media World…

Sharing the Love for Social Media, Online Marketing, and Beyond. Insight from Emer Lawn.

Livin’ in a Social Media World… July 26, 2009

Hope you’re looking forward to the ramblings of a social media enthusiast; because well…that’s what I am. Enthusiasm for the online environment is shared across industries and locations; but social media holds the key to what it all means for our future.

No longer referred to as “new media,” social media is here and thriving. Having the advantage of living in Ireland to see it all unfold in a smaller market allows us to see the magic it holds, that has yet to be realised by so many of those holding on to forms of media which are rapidly changing because of the internet and our mobile phones.

The conversations already happeneing within  social media can result in such meaningful insights, that we’d even ask what people did before these channels were alive and kicking. The Irish social media industry is growing rapidly and as it becomes more sophistocated, that means that there’s more for marketers like myself to take advantage of.

We are livin’ in a social media world…and what a beautiful world it would be if everyone else knew.


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